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Neighborhoods That Thrive 

Places of work, places of commerce, places to live. And all of the places in between

We build neighborhoods.  We design actual neighborhoods, the places within them and the tools required to shape them.

DTA merges genuine sustainability and positive urbanism though a Neighborhood-centric approach to building design. We craft buildings that are connected, engaged and responsive to healthy neighborhood patterns and functional neighborhood economies.

We also plan entire neighborhoods and produce the tools used to shape them. Robust town plans, planning and design policies, architectural design standards and infrastructure strategies. Long term visioning that informs near term decisions.

With genuine respect for our clients’ needs and concerns, we design projects that are sensitive to the neighborhood while successful for owners and developers. We believe this is the only way to allow neighborhoods to thrive and survive. More importantly, we believe this is the only way we can build the communities we need to face the future.