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We are Architects, Planners and Construction Managers.

We are advisors, strategists and analysts helping our clients formulate positions, organize opinions and make decisions about the future.

We are navigators, guides and scouts helping clients traverse the complex and occasionally obscure path toward project realization.

We are master builders who orchestrate complex construction projects and ensure that they meet original and evolving goals.

DTA is a multi-discipline, broad services, design, planning and management company that seeks to eliminate the artificial boundaries that make design, building and development unnecessarily difficult. When needs are complex and expectations are high it takes more than ideas to achieve goals.

DTA provides more than ideas. We offer integrated navigation, robust leadership and decades of project realization experience to help our partners traverse the long and unpredictable road towards the satisfaction of their goals.

And we make beautiful buildings.

And we make beautiful buildings.


The ability to see over the horizon. The ability to imagine the future. The ability to make something where nothing was.

The ability to accurately understand what is and envision what could be.

Vision is required to understand needs, to investigate context, to research appropriate solutions and to assess value. Vision is required to accurately comprehend what a client or constituency is seeking.

Vision is required not just to imagine what could be. It’s also required to determine how to get there. Vision not only informs design, but it also informs construction, regulatory negotiations, funding and cost management, construction management and overall administration of a project form start to finish.

And vision is especially required to make beautiful music. To ensure that all aspects of a project are harmonized and produce not only a functional solution, but one that is beautiful, memorable and valuable.

At DTA we collect and assemble a pile of ideas and blend them into a single, unified vision. A road map. A story that not only shows you the design, but shows you how to build it, how to fund it, how to get it approved, and how to demonstrate to those interested that you have arrived at the right answer.



All projects are journeys.  The way you get from here to there. The best path to take.   It might be the quickest, it might be the safest, it might be the most profitable.

A journey requires a guide, a team that knows the trail, a team that has traversed it (or one just like it) many times before. A team that knows where the trouble is and a team that can find  good water and safe harbors.

A team that carries the Vision to every decision, every process, every level of management along the road to completion.

The hurdles are many. Regulatory complexity, variable procurement strategies, complex constituencies, nuanced financial constructs.  Or just the difficulty of finding a trustworthy contractor and ensuring he fulfills his promises.

For our clients the path may be new and challenging or a variation on a previous journey.  Each project is unique, however, and each project requires scouts, guides and captains that can deliver clients to their destinations. That can traverse every part of every landscape so that, for the entire journey, your interests are satisfied.



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