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The quality of the work reflects the quality of the place where the work is done.

DTA not only designs great places for our clients, we have designed a great place to work. We encourage our staff to live well, balance work with the rest of their lives and participate in their communities.

We believe in a deep apprenticeship model and we want to see every member of our team fulfill their own vision of architect. We do this by making every aspect of design and realization available. Staff touch every part of the process, gain early insight into the complexities of making buildings and enjoy continued opportunities for client and job site interaction.

We discourage specialization and, instead, seek to build a robust sense of craft and comprehension.

And snacks…really good snacks.



We believe that the craft of architecture is valuable not only to paying clients, but to the Community as a whole. We believe that all architects have an obligation to use their skills and their abilities to improve both the built and natural environments wherever they can. We believe that we should always leave a place better than we found it.

DTA has an annual Community Stewardship goal of 20%. That means we strive to spend about 20% of our time on community serving projects, support for community groups, local activism and volunteerism.

We support our staff on worthy projects and use our full graphic and analytic capabilities to help local citizens groups engage their communities. We host meetings and presentations at our offices, make our libraries available to our neighbors and offer advice and counsel on matters ranging from individual building projects to local planning policy to environmental stewardship.

We have helped in local elections, supported School Districts in bond measures and helped landowners undertake watershed restoration projects.



Architecture is a craft learned over decades. It requires experience and commitment. It also requires great teachers.

At DTA we don’t just make Architecture. We also make Architects. Through comprehensive Leadership Training we take every employee through the entire arc of project design and delivery in a structured manner on real projects so that they gain experience in the full range of skills required to become a proper Architect.

New staff are immersed in the full range of project responsibilities in a structured learning sequence. Over the course of their first year they learn design, documentation, client interaction and agency management.

The result is a more comprehensive staff who can respond to a wider range of our clients needs at an earlier age so that project work is more valuable.

We support continuing education, fund specific workshops and coursework relevant to studio work and we support the licensing of our staff through training grants and fee support.

Most importantly we teach our own brand of architectural and environmental ethics. We make architects, and we also make stewards of community and  of the larger environment.  Our staff is encouraged at every turn to see themselves as bearing a unique responsibility to think bigger, behave responsibly and to use their skills and their vision improve community.

We help our staff become the best architects in the neighborhood.