Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider  Healdsburg, California

Taproom and Cider House

A growing “hard” cider company sought to develop a retail establishment that included a performance venue with an emphasis on stand up comedy.  Coupled with the need to expand its fermentation plant, DTA envisioned the fermentation tanks as the proper backdrop for the venue. Interiors utilize, and celebrate, actual industrial components.

12,000 gallon tanks and associated handling apparatus become actors on the stage and offer dramatic visual interest, lighting opportunities and narrative.  Various spaces are differentiated by the functional catwalk system that serve fermentation processes.

The “research and development” section is an integrated part of the venue offering the ability to invite customers in for experimental tastings and related brand building events.

The cider house occupies an existing warehouse and utilizes loading dock spaces for outdoor seating. Adjacent buildings house additional fermentation tanks, bottling facilities and packaging/shipping capabilities.