Broadway Grill

Broadway Grill  

Burlingame, California

Construction of a new full service restaurant in a semi-historic bank building.

Rekindling of street life in a traditional neighborhood.

Creation of a local destination for neighbors.



A semi-historic bank building that had been gutted and allowed to decay.  DTA saw the opportunity to recapture the character and dignity of the original building while re-invigorating Burlingame’s second main street. The project became a symbol of the renewed neighborhood energy and attraction of this walk able, transit friendly, very local hood.


DTA mapped a route through a complex approval process that could easily have killed the project. Complex interactions between regulating agencies coupled with some neighborhood opposition required capable scouts.



Suffering from a misguided policy that prohibited new restaurants on Broadway, our main street had languished while other neighborhoods on the Peninsula were revived.  DTA, working with other neighbor initiated a policy update that allowed new food service.  Broadway Grill was the first application after that change and the new restaurant became a catalyst for new life throughout the neighborhood.