Homes For Life 

Making a proper house should be one of the most engaging and satisfying efforts of your life.  It’s a journey that is enriched and and ensured when you have a proper guide.

The personal residence is the fundamental unit of architecture. It’s the foundation of a neighborhood, the locus of a family. It’s the most important project you will build.

At DTA, houses are the counterpoint to our larger projects and they give us the opportunity to work closely with just a few individuals to create wonderful, useful and memorable places.

We build houses that reflect your needs, your desires and your vision. We build houses that reflect your personality, not the personality of your architect.

We guide you through a generative process shaped first by you. Your life, your family, your memories and your dreams: these are inside you.  It’s likely that you have envisioned the place you want to live for decades, for most of your life. You’ve tested it in other places, you’ve lived in places you love and places you want to emulate.  And you’ve probably found a few things to avoid.

We don’t design your home, you do. The design is already in you.

We don’t overlay a style, the style is driven by you, by the site you’ve chosen, the house you want to change, by existing patterns in the neighborhood and existing patterns in your life. And, always, by consideration of what has gone before.

What we do is bring all of that out of you and out of the place you’ve chosen. Sometimes we help you find that place first.

We draw out the design, the style, the subtleties of personality and preference.

We refine it, we harmonize it, we synthesize the wealth of ideas, visions, memories and goals you may have, into a coherent and singular composition.

We sit at tables with you and talk, tell stories,  look at pictures, sketch and work systematically to discover and reveal the right answer.

Each design effort, like the design itself, is crafted specifically for a client and their unique needs. We merge our experience and our ability to craft fine spaces with your personality to achieve more than any of us could by ourselves. We bring our skills at orchestration and navigation to help you traverse a complex process from idea to reality, including the rough landscape of construction, to ensure that the things we talked about in our first conversations remain among the things that actually get built.