Richard Terrones

With over 25 years of experience in educational, commercial and residential projects facilitating both design and construction, Richard delivers high levels of confidence to all of our clients and success to all of our projects.

Richard manages the Burlingame Office and provides vision and strategy for all DTA projects. His hands-on approach assures clients that their needs will be met and that their constituencies will be served.

In the complex word of public work, Richard’s management and communication style has given DTA a reputation for success at moving difficult projects forward. Richard’s leadership provides structure, direction and results for our clients where others might only find uncertainty.


Richard has worked with Martin Dreiling since 1986. Together they have built a robust practice based on strong philosophical principles coupled with a neighborhood-based work ethic that shapes each project and each client relationship.

Richard has built high rise office buildings, world class hotels and dramatically fine-grained residences that employ traditional building strategies. He has affected larger community design via the genetic influences of local and regional planning as well as through direct activism in support of the community.

Richard believes in community involvement as an avocation, as a neighbor and an invested member of his community. He serves the Planning Commission, works tirelessly as a volunteer within the local schools and assists local community groups in developing and presenting visions for action.



BA, University of California, Berkeley



California, Architect



American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Congress for New Urbanism (CNU)

Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)



City of Burlingame, Planning Commissioner