Laurie Futrell

Laurie provides a wide range of financial and administrative efforts for public and private clients especially in support of multi-project public programs.

Large projects require multiple layers of financial interface that must be harmonized with the realities of construction accounting, bid and procurement management, contractor performance verification, lender interface, regulatory reporting and client budget/accounting synchronization. Since many of our projects are realized with public funds, strict financial disciplines are required for all participants.

In short, making successful projects is much more than pretty pictures. Using DTA developed software tools and years of experience in the Logistics industry, Laurie helps clients bridge the gaps between their internal financial management methods and those required for project design and realization.

Laurie ensures compliance, coherence and compatibility by working closely with clients, sometimes embedding into client administrative layers.

She has degrees in Communication and (xxx) from University of Utah. She supports a bunch of community causes and is a deep geek for family.



brings years of experience int he Logistics industry