We are Architects, Planners and Construction Managers.

We are advisors, strategists and analysts helping our clients formulate positions, organize opinions and make decisions about the future.

We are navigators, guides and scouts helping clients traverse the complex and occasionally obscure path toward project realization.

We are master builders who orchestrate complex construction projects and ensure that they meet original and evolving goals.

And we make beautiful buildings.


We create the organizational dynamics necessary to make successful changes to the physical world, changes that seek to serve clients’ needs and meet their visionary goals.

We inform and refine client expectations to ensure they reflect reality

We consult concerning the vulnerabilities of their expectations. We help navigate the obstacles, challenges and insecurities that affect the otherwise simple act of making buildings.

We demonstrate that the interface between our clients’ desires and those of their neighbors can be synthesized in a productive, protective and memorable way.


DTA is a multi-discipline, broad services, design, planning and management company that seeks to eliminate the artificial boundaries that make building and development unnecessarily difficult. When needs are complex and expectations are high it takes more than ideas to achieve goals.

DTA provides more than ideas. We offer integrated navigation, robust leadership and decades of project realization experience to help our partners traverse the long and unpredictable road towards the satisfaction of their goals.

And we make beautiful buildings.

Construction is Design

Every decision is a design decision. Every decision must reflect the Owner’s goals, the Site’s discipline, the complex reality of land use regulation and the complex play of engineering specialties that are the ingredients of every project.

Those decisions should be shaped, guided and measured by the people who know the most about your project: you and the Architect.

Yes. Construction is a design effort. Choice about contract methods, active participation in selecting the right contractor for the job, active management of costs and schedules to ensure construction proceeds correctly.

That means we put a lot of effort into design the project but we put just as much effort into designing the construction.

Those are design decisions best made by the design professionals so that they reflect owner goals, project history and context and regulatory requirements in the same way all other design decisions are made.



because every decision is a design decision, no matter what the construction industry says.