Why We Build Houses 

We will always build houses. As our company has grown and we have focused on larger projects, we have continued to build houses and homes for selected clients.

Houses allow us to work more closely with people and places than is sometimes possible on larger projects. Houses are intimately connected to distinctive personalities and the discipline of neighborhoods.

We design and build houses that are special, either by explicitly embracing particular styles and traditions, or by supporting meaningful relationships between people and place.

We build houses for clients who want to save great old homes, who want to embed particular aspects of their personal history and heritage in a special place, or clients who want to walk softly on the landscape, building not to impress their peers but to serve their families.

We always look at houses as the bridge between the family and the neighborhood.

Houses, whether they are for one family or multiple units in a varied context, always serve two masters: the people who live there and the neighborhood in which they live.